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Andy's oath to recite

Here's a little something I drew up for Andy to recite to me while he was being dommed today.

I, Andy, do solemnly swear that I am Savannah's slave for life and I will do whatever it takes to please her. This includes barking like her pet, keeping in touch no matter how busy my life is, getting intoxicated for her, etc. When I am drunk, I shall make the biggest fool out of myself. I will shave my chest and balls for her. I shall write in permanent ink on my chest what kind of slave I am. I shall crawl around on the floor like a slave. I shall dance if she finds it amusing. I will wear panties and thigh high boots and we shall shop for makeup so I can be the sissy that she deems me. There is no other above Savannah and I am just her lowly servant. I drink so that I may amuse my Mistress. I shall always do whatever she tells me without question. She might have me pierce my nipples or get a tattoo. I shall do that for her. What she says is of the upmost importance. Anything I have to say is insignificant and pointless. She rules my entire life. My financial gain is hers. My mind, body, soul and spirit are hers. I live to please her.

I, as her slave, will always ask her permission before I do anything to my body. This includes: getting drunk, getting a haircut, shaving, etc. She owns my body and can do with it as she pleases. I will always keep in touch as not to anger her. Her happiness is paramount to my well-being. She is the supreme goddess and what she say, I will listen and obey. I will always speak kindly to her and never raise my voice or type anything questionable. I am owned and collared and this is permanent. I can't take that back ever unless Savannah deems necessary or tires or me. I will do everything in my power to have her never tire of my servitude. My only regret is not being owned by Savannah earlier in life.

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